//TETRA webinar on 15 July: An Introduction to IP Commercialisation for NGI Community

TETRA webinar on 15 July: An Introduction to IP Commercialisation for NGI Community

15 July 2020, 10:00-11:00 (CEST)

Intellectual Property (IP) commercialisation enables IP owners to extract value from their IP assets and allows the actors in the ecosystem to create revenue streams for their businesses.

There are several routes for commercialising IP, each having its own conditions. Thus, understanding the fundamentals of these alternatives is of significant importance when developing your business strategy.

As TETRA project (*), we are here to guide you in your IP-related issues and make you get a head start on managing your IP assets in your NGI projects. Then, this webinar has been designed for you, if you want or need to learn the essentials of IP commercialisation, in particular:

  • what IP commercialisation is all about,
  • the main routes for IP commercialisation,
  • the basics of IP assignments and IP licensing,
  • general essential elements in IP licensing contracts.

In this second session of TETRA’s IP webinar series, we aim at providing a general overview of IP commercialisation routes for your NGI projects.

Looking forward to meeting you and talking about IP when the July sun is shining out there!

Registration and more information here.

(*) IPIL is one of the partners of the TETRA project, funded by the European Commission, aiming at supporting the Next Generation Internet (NGI) society successfully enter the market and accelerate their business. For more information about TETRA please click here”.

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