IFRRO Guide on Licensing of Out of Commerce Works

Date : 16/12/2020 – Source :  IFRRO – Lien

IFRRO launched a guide on the Licensing of Out of Commerce Works (OOCW). 

The Guide has been developed in consultation with rightholder groups (EFJ, EMMA, ENPA, EVA, EWC, FEP and NWU), together with RROs (Copydan Writing, DILIA, Kopinor, LITA, SEMU, SOFIA and VG Wort), drawing on their experience of collective licensing of OOCW digitisation schemes.

The publication provides practical assistance in respect of licensing of OOCW, under Articles 8 – 11 of the EU Copyright in the Digital Single Market (“DSM”) Directive, and highlights the concerns held by rightsholders regarding the implementation of the provisions.

The Guide is available online.

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