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ERA: The Artificial Intelligence Act

Date & heure

07 - 09.12.2022




690 €



ERA annonces an online conference on the artificial intelligence act.

Online conference date: 7-9 December 2022

Language: English

This online conference will introduce the Artificial Intelligence Act adopted by the European Commission in April 2021, and will discuss its implications in the main sectors of the digital economy.

Key topics:

  • Overview of the Artificial Intelligence Act
  • Risk-based approach: prohibited AI systems, standardisation, and high risks AI
  • Harmonising the AI Act with the EU legal framework on data protection and big data
  • Accountability of platform providers for AI systems: AIA, DSA and DMA
  • Liability in the use of AI technologies
  • Regulating AI systems in the main sectors of the economy (automotive industry, robotic, finance and medical sectors)

Further details regarding registration, fees and discounts can be found on the dedicated website.

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