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EPO event: The Unitary Patent system

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Hybride conference: The Unitary Patent system – a game-changer for innovation in Europe

…Through a series of lectures and panel discussions the conference will present insight into the Unitary Patent system from a number of perspectives and evaluate its advantages for entrepreneurs and innovating businesses. High‑level speakers from the European Commission, the European Patent Office and the Belgian government as well as representatives from innovative SMEs, academia and the judiciary will discuss the various avenues that the Unitary Patent system will open up for IP protection, as well as its potential to boost innovation across Europe.

Concert Noble
Rue d’Arlon 82
1040 Brussels

Registration deadline: 08 November 2022

Event language: English

Target audience: Representatives from the worlds of intellectual property, research and innovation; business advisors and investors; high-ranking figures from SMEs, academia and research institutes and experts in innovation politics.

Programme and registration: EPO website

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