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EPO event: Opposition Matters 2022

Date & heure

24 - 25.11.2022


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100 €



Online conference for patent attorneys

Opposition Matters is the EPO’s leading event for professional users wanting to keep up to date with the latest and most relevant developments in opposition proceedings.

Speakers from several EPO departments, co-presenting alongside senior European patent attorneys, will provide insights into the best practices they have developed over years of opposition experience.

This year’s event will not only focus on procedural and substantive aspects of opposition proceedings such as amendments, late filing of submissions and auxiliary requests, there will also be an exchange of experience on how all parties involved in the proceedings collaborate, and a look at what key developments can be expected in the opposition area in future.

This high-level event is once again organised in close co-operation with the epi.

Venue: Online conference

Registration deadline: 22 November 2022

Event language: English

Target audience: Patent attorneys active in opposition proceedings before the EPO

Programme and registration: EPO website

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