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EPO event: High-growth technology business conference 2022

Date & heure

21 - 22.11.2022


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Online conference for business decision makers in technology driven businesses

Organised by the European Patent Academy of the European Patent Office (EPO) and the Licensing Executives Society International (LESI), it is planned as a virtual, free of charge conference held in two morning sessions.

This conference is specially designed for business decision makers and associated IP professionals and features two tracks:

  • The business track will focus on IP strategies – how IP can support business models effectively as well as IP enforcement and assessment.
  • The IP track will provide guidance on IP management – it will reflect on best practices in open innovation, the use of patent information, market facilitators and risk management.

Venue: Online conference

Registration deadline: 21 November 2022

Event language: English

Target audience: Business decision makers and staff in SME’s and large businesses, staff in research institutions involved in commercialisation (TTOs) and IP/business advisors, IP commercialisation experts in PATLIB centres, advisors, IP professionals and investors in high-growth technology businesses, incubator staff members and incubees, and anyone interested in intellectual capital management

Programme and registration: EPO website

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