European Parliament: Intellectual property rights – strong protection needed for EU social and economic recovery

Date : 11/11/2021 – Source : European Parliament, press release – Lien

While intellectual property (IP) registrations are on the rise, the EU patent systems remain fragmented and gaps in enforcement still need to be addressed, according to MEPs.

In a report adopted with 454 votes for, 94 against and 23 abstentions, Parliament assesses the ambitions of the Commission’s EU Intellectual Property Action plan and presents a series of recommendations for upcoming EU initiatives in the field of IP.
Strong, robust and balanced IPR protection is particularly important for return on investment and for the economic and social recovery from COVID-19 and other global crisis, according to MEPs . The pandemic has illustrated how important effective IP protection rules are to address emergency challenges, such as the deployment of vaccines and remuneration of workers in the creative sector. In this context, the Commission should continue to help European companies innovate and develop key technologies at a global level on a basis of a comprehensive IP regime. …

The full press release is available on the EP website.

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