EUIPO: Anti-Counterfeiting Technology Guide

Date : 26/02/2021 – Source : Observatoire européen des atteintes aux droits de propriété intellectuelle (EUIPO) – Lien

In view of the increasingly critical threat that counterfeiting poses to supply chains and the lack of information on anti-counterfeiting solutions, the Observatory, together with members of the Observatory expert groups, has developed and published a document to address these issues called the Anti-Counterfeiting Technology Guide.

The guide is intended for all traders and enterprises – including small and medium-sized enterprises – interested in learning more about and implementing anti-counterfeiting solutions. It provides a comprehensive overview of the solutions currently on the market and sets the groundwork for users to build an all-round anti-counterfeiting strategy based on their particular business needs. The information is presented in such a way as to allow readers to easily compare the various technologies and therefore determine which are the best fit for their business.

You can access the Anti-Counterfeiting Technology Guide, along with other Observatory publications, here.

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