//EPO: Annual Review 2019

EPO: Annual Review 2019

Date : 30/06/2020 – Source : Office européen des brevets (OEB) – Lien

The European Patent Office (EPO) just published its annual Review (formerly Annual Report). The Review highlights the progress made in implementing its new strategy, SP2023. The plan aims to ensure the EPO remains a sustainable organisation, and continues to provide high-quality patent services that foster innovation and contribute to growth. […]

The Annual Review 2019 shows that the EPO successfully dealt with a record number of applications last year. The Office received 181 406 European patent applications in 2019, up 4.0% over 2018. In response, our patent examiners carried out a total of 421 250 search, examination and opposition products. A major effort was made in reducing the backlog of work, with the classification backlog being eliminated entirely – an important milestone for the Office. Last year the EPO also published 137 787 European patents, +8% compared to 2018. And the timeliness of the Office’s search, examination and opposition work all continued to improve. […]

To see some of the highlights of 2019, you can watch a video.

To read the full report, please visit Annual Review 2019.

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