Date : 26/01/2018 – Source : European Audiovisual Observatory, Office de l’Union européenne pour la propriété intellectuelle (EUIPO) – Auteurs : Carolina Arias Burgos, Alexandra Poch, Franciska Schönherr, Francisco Javier Cabrera Blázquez, Maja Cappello, Gilles Fontaine, Sophie Valais – Lien

This joint report of the EAO and the EUIPO provides an overview of the regulatory framework concerning deposit systems. Today, deposit systems frequently serve national policy ends by ensuring the preservation of a country’s cultural heritage. In addition, they also play an important role in some countries by helping right(s) holders to establish proof of ownership of copyright: they provide more legal certainty, in particular where the anteriority of authorship or the priority of a claim to a title must be resolved in a trial. […]

The report is available in EN, FR, DE.