CE : Counterfeit and Piracy Watch List

Date : 1/12/2022 – Source : Commission Européenne – Lien

COMMISSION STAFF WORKING DOCUMENT – Counterfeit and Piracy Watch List

In accordance with the Commission’s Communication “A balanced IP enforcement system responding to today’s societal challenges”, the “Trade for all” Communication, the IP Action Plan and the Strategy for the Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights in Third Countries the Commission services have prepared this third edition of the Counterfeit and Piracy Watch List (‘the Watch List’). The first edition was published in 2018 and the second in 2020. The Watch List reflects the results of stakeholder consultations. It contains examples of reported marketplaces or service providers whose operators or owners are allegedly resident outside the EU and which reportedly engage in, facilitate or benefit from counterfeiting and piracy.

The aim of this Watch List is to encourage the operators and owners, as well as the responsible local enforcement authorities and governments to take the necessary actions and measures to reduce the availability of IPR infringing goods or services on these markets. In this context, the Commission services will continue using the Watch List in their cooperation with EU’s trading partners in the framework of IP Dialogues and Working Groups and in the framework of the EU technical cooperation activities, including IP Key China, Southeast Asia and Latin America programmes.

The Watch List also intends to raise consumer awareness concerning the environmental, product safety and other risks of purchasing from potentially problematic marketplaces. …

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