Patenting in the cultural and creative industries

Date : 21/06/2021 – Source : Creative FLIP, IPIL G.I.E. – Auteurs : Cyrille Dubois, Onur Emul, Christelle Olsommer, Allan Zimmermann – Lien

The final report of the FLIP project (Finance, Learning, Innovation and Patenting for CCIs) “Patenting in the cultural and creative industries” presents the outcomes of the patenting landscape in the Cultural and Creative Industries in order to support CCIs actors to capture value from their Intellectual Property, thereby strengthening their business capacities.

You can download the report on the CreativeFlip website.


Creative FLIP – Finance, Learning, Innovation and Patenting is a Pilot project co-funded by the EU whose main objective is to support healthy and sustainable ecosystems for Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs) with respect to these four key policy areas.
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