EUIPO report: Why do countries import fakes?

Date : 28/07/2023 – Source : EUIPO – Observatoire européen des atteintes aux droits de propriété intellectuelle et l’OECD – Lien

The EUIPO Observatory and the OECD have published jointly a report on the import of counterfeit products. It presents a macroeconomic analysis to identify the factors that make some countries more likely to import counterfeit goods. Based on import statistics and seizures data, the analysis shows that factors that are clearly correlated with the value of imports of fakes include the value of imports of a country, GDP per capita, the quality of trade and transport infrastructure, the percentage of people using the Internet, the percentage of the population with a tertiary education. …

The full report is available in English on the EUIPO website, a summary is also available in French.

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