EUIPO – Domain names discussion paper

Date : 23/03/2021 – Source : Office de l’Union européenne pour la propriété intellectuelle (EUIPO) – Lien

The domain name system is indispensable to the functioning of the internet, with the number of domain names now exceeding 375 million globally. Domain names also play a central role in a number of IP-infringing online business models that have damaging effects on consumers, IP owners and the entire domain name ecosystem. But what are the good practices that undermine this form of domain name abuse, and what is their potential to be extended or replicated?

With a view to address these questions, this discussion paper describes the life cycle of domain names and the respective roles of registrars and registries. It explores the good practices that some registrars and registries are developing at the different stages of this life cycle, which can contribute to prevent the misuse of domain names in IP-infringing activities. 

The discussion paper is available in the publications page on the EUIPO Observatory website.

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