EC and EUIPO joint report: EU enforcement of IP rights

Date : 30/11/2021 – Source : Commission européenne, EUIPO – Lien

EUIPO and the European Commission published a joint report on “EU enforcement of IP rights”.

In the EU as a whole, detained items were worth almost EUR 2 billion. Clothing accessories were the leading category, both in terms of the number of items detained and estimated value, followed by packaging materials; recorded CDs/DVDs; labels, tags and stickers; and clothing. It should be highlighted that packaging materials, with its potential multiplying effect for the production of more fake products through wrapping unbranded products within fake packaging, was among the top three most detained products both at the EU border and in the EU internal market. …

This joint document aims to provide useful information to support the analysis of IPR infringement in the EU and the development by relevant enforcement authorities of appropriate countermeasures, since the figures allow for a better understanding of the scope and extent of the problem. On a broader scale, it should provide EU policymakers with data for developing an evidence base for priorities and policies.

The full joint report is available on the website.

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