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L'Institut de la Propriété Intellectuelle Luxembourg (IPIL) est un Groupement d'Intérêt Economique destiné à fédérer les compétences nationales et internationales en matière de propriété intellectuelle (PI) et de les mettre à disposition des acteurs économiques et institutionnels afin de constituer un levier de croissance pour le Luxembourg
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Découvrez nos actions de sensibilisation et d’accompagnement en propriété intellectuelle
Nous vous aidons à exploiter les informations en provenance des registres de propriété industrielle, brevets, marques, dessins et modèles, etc.
Découvrez notre offre de formations pour mieux comprendre les enjeux de la propriété intellectuelle, les outils et les bonnes pratiques
Découvrez nos coopérations avec les acteurs majeurs de la propriété intellectuelle en Europe et dans le monde

Événements à venir

0809, 2015

Enforcement Database Forum for companies and enforcement authoritiesDu 08/09 au 09/09

The Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market is organising an EDB Forum for companies and enforcement authorities on 8 and 9 September in Alicante (Spain) [...]
1409, 2015

OHIM-CEPOL course on goods and intellectual property counterfeitingDu 14/09 au 18/11

The course will allow participants to recognise European criminal patterns on counterfeiting, share good practices on inter-agency and public-private cooperation [...]
2109, 2015

Business use of patent informationDu 21/09 au 23/09

Most technology-oriented companies and institutions are nowadays global players, with a growing number of competitors on different markets and in different cultures. Moreover, the steeply increasing volume of technical and economic information available is posing a major challenge to these companies and institutions [...]

Dernières actualités

Decision of the President of OHIM – extension of time limits

31 juillet, 2015

On June 28, the Greek government imposed a maximum daily limit of €60 concerning withdrawals from Greek bank accounts, as well as capital controls affecting all international money transfers and payments from 29 June until 7 July 2015 [...]

Decision of the President adopting the Guidelines for Examination on Community Trade Marks and on Registered Community Designs

31 juillet, 2015

On 08/07/2015, the President of OHIM has signed the Decision adopting the second part of the revised Office Guidelines, which received a favourable opinion from OHIM´s Administrative Board in May. They will enter into force on 01/08/2015 [...]

CEIPI launches the first Training Program for Technically Qualified Judges of the Unified Patent Court

30 juillet, 2015

The creation of the Unified Patent Court represents a turning point in the history of European intellectual property law. The judges of the Unified Patent Court will be central actors for the success of the Unified Patent Court and the entire patent package [...]